Trainees to Deals and Consulting – PwC, DL: 16.2.

Are you interested in building a career in the field of M&A or Management Consulting? We are now looking for trainees to both our Deals and Consulting groups. Within these groups, we have several specialised teams providing different services and trainee positions. You can find more information about the teams and the trainee positions behind this link.

An ideal candidate will:

  • Have genuine interest towards business and delivery of high quality advisory
  • Be an analytical and logical thinker with an open mind and ability to learn quickly
  • Be comfortable with working both independently and in teams
  • Have passion to learn new things and have ability to develop and bring up new ideas
  • Have or be currently pursuing an academic degree within the field of Business, Economics or STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) or other relevant area
  • In Deals, our trainees typically are within their 3rd to 5th year of studies. In Consulting, we hope that an ideal candidate will graduate within 6-12 months or has already graduated (trainees have a possibility to work almost full time and continue permanently after the trainee period).
  • Have strong interpersonal and communication skills, both verbal and written
  • Be fluent in English, fluency in Finnish and/or Swedish is considered as an advantage

Working as a trainee in PwC Deals or Consulting will offer you:

  • A team with strong expertise, varying backgrounds and experiences to learn from
  • Practical, hands-on work experience
  • Opportunity to interact with clients and the global network
  • Competitive compensation, benefits and opportunity to participate in various social events

To take part in the process, submit your CV, application letter and transcript of records in PDF format using the form below latest by 16th February 2020. With the same application you can apply to several teams, however, please indicate clearly the ones you’re primarily interested in. By reading about our teams, you will gain a better understanding of the positions available and the competencies the teams are looking for. All applications will be read by both Deals and Consulting recruitment teams, and your preferences will not exclude you from the other (sub)team's recruitment process unless you specifically wish so.

The application period is 20.1.–16.2.2020. Along with submitting your application, remember to complete the ability assignments (instructions below). The first step of the recruitment process is taking part in the Advisory Day held on 27.2.2020 from 13:30 onwards at our Ruoholahti office. During the day, you will get acquainted with our services, get to know our people and will have an actual case to work on. After the official part (18:00 onwards), you have the opportunity to join us for a relaxed evening program comprising a cocktail school and food. We will let all applicants know by 21.2. whether selected for Advisory Day.

Instructions for the ability assignments:

We have selected three ability assignments regarding your inductive, numerical and verbal reasoning abilities. These three assignments are time limited and have to be completed at once. Each of these tests will take you 6-12 minutes to complete. You will get additional instructions at the beginning of each test once you are signed in. The deadline for filling out the assignments is Sunday 16th of February.

- Once you sign in for the first time you will be asked to choose a password. Keep in mind that letters and capital letters will be processed as different signs by the system.

- Once you are signed in to the system, click on the link that will launch the test.
- Please select a quiet location to complete the test, this will enable you to concentrate on the questions.
- Do not let others take part in answering. We regularly hold retests to confirm the results of the ability tests.
- You may take a break and sign out of the system in between sections.
- Once you have completed each section, you may sign out of the system.
- Complete the tests in your native language if possible
Signing into the system:

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