Trainee (useita paikkoja) – EY, DL: 24.9.


Consulting Trainees, EY Finland–B2O-KySgYWsZO1Q

Would you like to deep dive into management consulting across different industries and develop your skills with the support of experienced professionals? We at EY’s Consulting Services are now looking for trainees to work within different teams. The application period is ongoing and will remain open until 24.9.2023 – read more and apply now!


Corporate Finance Analyst Intern, EY Finland–B2O-KySgYWsZO1Q

We are currently looking for ambitious young professionals to join our growing Nordic Corporate Finance team in Helsinki as an Analyst Intern for 2024. As an analyst intern, you’ll get the chance to work together with experienced professionals on sell-side and buy-side M&A transactions, as well as Capital Market and Fundraising transactions. If you are interested in financial services industry and transactions and you have an analytical, result- and detail-oriented mindset read more and apply now! The application period is ongoing and will remain open until 17.9.2023.

Analyst Trainee, Valuation and Modelling, EY Finland–B2O-KySgYWsZO1Q

Do you have a genuine interest to M&A transactions and a business mindset? Our Valuation and Modelling team is looking for ambitious graduates or soon-to-be graduates to join their team in Helsinki. As an Analyst Trainee you get the chance to participate in various client engagements related to e.g., valuations of diverse businesses and individual assets for various purposes and developing financial models for our clients’ needs. Read more and apply now or 24.9.2023 by the latest!

Analyst Trainee, Economic Advisory, EY Finland–B2O-KySgYWsZO1Q

Are you interested in a unique opportunity to start your career within Economic Advisory? Then you should join our successful team at EY in Helsinki! As an analyst trainee you’ll participate in the client engagements related to e.g., competition economics, economic impact assessments and economic policy evaluations. If you are an ambitious graduate or soon-to-be graduate and are interested in economics, statistics and applied econometrics, read more and apply by 24.9.2023!

Transaction Diligence Analyst Trainee, EY Finland–B2O-KySgYWsZO1Q

Are you interested in a unique opportunity to start your career within the wider M&A space as part of our Strategy and Transactions team? Then you should join our successful Nordic Transaction Diligence team at EY in Helsinki who excel at deep diving into companies’ financial performance in complex acquisition processes. Our team has a broad expertise across many different industries and clients and our business is rapidly growing. Read more and apply now or 24.9.2023 by the latest!

EY-Parthenon | Trainees for Strategy Consulting

Would you be eager to get a realistic view on strategy consulting as a career and understanding of the tools and methods used to solve strategic challenges? Our Helsinki office is now looking for ambitious young professionals to join our EY-P team as Trainees during Spring or Fall 2024. As an EY-P trainee you will be offered an opportunity to help our clients with their strategic challenges in relation to growth, transactions, sustainability, and technology. Apply now or by the latest 24.9.2023!


Process Excellence Trainee, EY Helsinki–B2O-KySgYWsZO1Q

EY’s Process Excellence team is looking for trainees in Helsinki! As a Trainee, you will support our team in understanding the challenges our clients face and collaborate with their finance teams to optimize their financial, and non-financial processes and reporting. The Process Excellence team works with projects ranging from financial transformations to IPOs, and with a wide range of clients across industries. If you have a proactive, analytical mindset and interest in complex problem solving apply now or 24.9.2023 by the latest!


Tilintarkastuksen harjoittelijoita Helsingin toimistolle (Audit trainee)–B2O-KySgYWsZO1Q

Kiinnostaisiko sinua syventää osaamistasi tilintarkastuksen parissa monipuolisesti eri toimialoihin tutustuen ja kasvaa asiantuntijana osana mukavaa tiimiä? EY hakee nyt motivoituneita tilintarkastuksen traineita Helsinkin upouudelle toimistollemme aloittamaan joulukuussa 2023. Jos olet oma-aloitteinen tiimipelaaja, lue lisää ja hae viimeistään 24.9.2023!

Tilintarkastuksen harjoittelijoita Tampereen toimistolle (Audit trainee)–B2O-KySgYWsZO1Q

Kuuluuko tulevaisuuden suunnitelmiisi työpaikka, jossa yhdistyvät monipuoliset työtehtävät ja kasvaminen asiantuntijana? EY hakee Tampereen toimistolleen tilintarkastuksen harjoittelijoita aloittamaan syksyn 2023 aikana. Jos olet positiivinen ja motivoitunut tiimipelaaja vailla uusia kokemuksia, lue lisää ja hae 24.9.2023 mennessä!


Tax Trainee | EY Helsinki–B2O-KySgYWsZO1Q

Oletko kiinnostunut veroasiantuntijan työstä, globaalista työympäristöstä ja mielenkiintoisista tehtävistä kokeneiden osaajien tuella? Haemme tiimiemme kasvaessa lisää motivoituneita harjoittelijoita eri verotuksen tiimeihimme – katso lisää ja hae nyt tai viimeistään 24.9.2023!

Trainee – People Advisory Services, Tax, Helsinki–B2O-KySgYWsZO1Q

Would you like to have an opportunity to start you career as a global mobility professional in a friendly and motivated environment? EY is looking for a trainee with a passion for working in our Immigration services team in Helsinki. If you have deep interest towards working in a global environment, apply now or at latest by 24.9.2023!