Boomi’s harassment contact persons

Harassment contact persons aim to provide low-threshold support for other students. If you are experiencing bullying, discrimination, racism or harassment at student events, in organisations or during your studies, you can contact a harassment contact person. You can also get in touch if you are experiencing stress, anxiety or worry about your studies or student life. You can also contact a harassment contact person about inappropriate behaviour towards other people. It does not matter if you feel unsure about whether anything wrong or unacceptable has happened. Your own feelings are enough: if you feel uncomfortable about something that has happened, it is always a good idea to talk to someone you trust, for example a harassment contact person.

All conversations with harassment contact persons are confidential and all activities are under professional secrecy. We operate in accordance with Boomi’s safer spaces policy and will not do anything without your consent. Our harassment contact persons will support you for as long as you need it. Together we can discuss what has happened and consider what to do next. If you wish, no further action will be taken as a result of reporting the incident. You can come to us with your case in full independence, without fear of being stigmatised. Our harassment contact persons are impartial and situations involving more than one person will be handled in a way that listens to all parties involved.

You can contact the harassment contact persons by email, the notification form, Facebook, Instagram, phone or directly face-to-face at the university. The harassment contact persons are involved in many events at Boomi and there is a low threshold for people to come and chat. Harassment contact persons may also be assisted at events by designated support staff, who are subject to the same obligations regarding confidentiality of reporting. It is also possible to report anonymously via the reporting form. If you wish to address your message only to one of the harassment contact person, please make this clear in the subject field.

In 2023, the harassment contact persons are Jerry Kyllästinen and Onerva Ristilä, who you can contact by various social media, email, face-to-face or anonymously via the harassment reporting form hairinta@boomi.fi

Onerva Ristilä

Hi! My name is Onerva, I’m a third year business student. Besides all the action in Boomi, you can find me at the gym with my friends or from a walk with my dog Kajo. Other things that I call my hobbies are going to concerts, binge-watching movies and gathering a huge pile of books next to my nightstand. As a harassment contact person I want to be a part of creating a community, where each person feels welcome as themselves. I want to be reliable and approachable support for you. So, if you ever feel like it, just message me or come and talk to me! See you at events or Bola!

Jerry Kyllästinen

Hi! I am Jerry, a second-year student in marketing. In addition to my Boomi-duties, I enjoy running actively and spending time with my friends. I also watch a lot of different films and series and go to all kinds of student events. As a harassment contact person, I want to be a part of creating a comfortable and inspiring atmosphere in our student association. Feel free to contact me freely in all kinds of matter, either in person or via message.

  • Harassment notice form
  • Jerry’s contact information: p. 040 5571540, email: jerry.kyllastinen@tuni.fi
  • Onerva’s contact information: p. 045 8847210, email: onerva.ristila@tuni.fi

TREY’s harassment contact persons

If you feel that you would like a fully external harassment contact person, we recommend that you contact the TREY harassment contact persons. TREY harassment contact persons are experts employed by TREY who have a more in-depth introduction to the role of a harassment contact person. You can send a message to the TREY harassment contact persons at harassment@trey.fi.