The board

  • Akseli Lepistö

    The chairman

    050 3274102

    Job description

    Boomi’s board chairman represents the association to its various stakeholders, calls the board to a meeting if necessary and ultimately bears responsibility for the organization’s activities. The chairman’s most important task is to manage Boomi’s board and thereby Boomi as a whole. The chairman leads the board meetings, prepares their agendas and also organizes the association’s meetings. It is also essential to monitor the activities of the board and the officials and to take care of their well-being.

    The chairperson represents Boomi externally, and the chairperson also significantly influences the atmosphere of our subject organization and is an important atmosphere creator. The chairman works in many directions with the teaching staff, various student actors as well as representatives of the business world. The chairman’s tasks vary a lot from week to week.

  • Milla Jylhänkallio

    Educational Policy Manager, Vice-chair

    040 0510699

    Job description

    The person in charge of education policy, better known as kopo, takes care of Boomi’s relations with the university staff. Kopo represents the students at the meetings of the faculty and makes sure that the students’ voices are heard. Kopo does lobbying for the university and brings the university administration’s message to the students. You will get to know both the degree program in business sciences and the university administration’s job boards. In addition to monitoring interests, kopo is also Boomi’s tutor manager and thus is responsible for organizing tutoring. So Kopo leads almost 50 tutors and through that helps the Smurffit at the beginning of their studies. The success of the tutoring is very important so that the Smurffit feel welcome both at the university and at Boomi’s activities. In addition, kopo cooperates with the student union and educational policy managers of other subject organizations.

  • Taneli Arra

    Financial Manager

    044 2642774

    Job description

    Boomi’s financial manager takes care of the work in the full scope of the association’s operations. They take care of the financial condition of the entire association and guides others accordingly. Most of the tasks remain quite invisible, but they are still important for the continuation of the entire association’s activities. The most important tasks handled during the year are financial management planning, accounting, budgeting, managing both purchase and sales invoicing, activity reporting and financial statements after the board year. The finance team, which consists of two to four members, works as a help, which the finance manager gets to lead for a year and familiarizes them with the tasks of financial management. So, there is enough work, and even more responsibility and experience, which is important for working life. The finance manager’s role is an excellent way to get to know the concrete tasks of our own field of study alongside theoretical studies, and to gain experience relevant to working life in financial management and especially in the Netvisor-software we use.

  • Hanna Nykopp

    Communications manager, secretary

    040 0608389

    Job description

    The communications manager is responsible for Boomi’s communication channels, such as social media, websites and the weekly newsletter sent via the email list. In addition, many projects related to Boomi’s visual appearance, such as various graphics and printed products for events, fall under the responsibility of the communications manager. The communications manager is also responsible for the visual appearance of VapaaBoomari magazine, i.e., in practice acts as the magazine’s AD. They have their own team “Mediatiimi” to help with the tasks of the communications manager. The communications manager conveys the board’s decisions to the members and is responsible for open two-way communication between Boomi’s board and the members. Traditionally, the communications officer also acts as secretary at board meetings, i.e. writes the meeting minutes.

  • Alex Lindh

    Event Manager

    045 1104177

    Job description

    Event manager is in charge of and organizes all Boomi’s free-time events that are meant for our own members. The event manager also runs Boomi’s event team and organizes the events from start to finish with the team. The event manager has a great chance to network since some events are organized together with other student associations. The best part of being Boomi’s event manager is seeing that people are having fun and enjoying their time in an event that you have put together.

  • Aada Rouhiainen

    Party Manager

    040 5620338

    Job description

    Party Manager take care of Haalaribileet which is the most legendary student party in Tampere. The party is held every month on the first Thursday after student allowance. Party Manager take care of budgeting, ticket sales, marketing and makes sure that everything goes well at the offical pre party and success of Haalaribileet.

  • Oona Ikävalko

    Premises manager

    041 4611582

    Job description

    The premises manager’s duties include coordinating the maintenance of the premises, being responsible for its rental activities and developing the premises through acquisitions and renovations. Boomi’s facilities are constantly being developed through renovations and acquisitions, and the premises manager is responsible for mapping and coordinating these, as well as managing possible renovation projects with the rest of the board. The premises manager coordinates the large-scale rental activities of the association’s premises by maintaining the premises’ rental calendar, negotiating the lease terms with the tenants and signing their lease agreements. The facility manager is the primary contact with the tenants, which is why the facility manager can get sudden surprises.

  • Akseli Leinonen

    Corporate relations manager

    044 5560776

    Job description

    The Head Corporate Relations has many opportunities and works with many people in various projects. To many stakeholders such as partner companies they represent Boomi ry and thus work to increase the recognition of Boomi and our students within the business world. They negotiate partnership contracts, update Boomi Business platforms and arrange events such as excursions and seminars together with out partners and other stakeholders. They are also working with the Annual Ball team, Boomipodi, membership benefits and the coordinate the project to get overalls for the new students every autumn. The Head of Corporate Relations also leads the corporate relations team, which helps them to create new ways to bring out students close to the business world.

  • Jaakko Nokelainen

    Project Manager 1

    044 5356667

    Job description

    The main task of project manager 1 is to organize Finland’s biggest and most beautiful student event Hämeenkatu Appro. Hämeenkadun Appro has been organized since 1982. The event gathers over 12 000 students from all over Finland to Tampere every year. The event consists of Keskustori’s event area, the pub crawl and the after party.

    In 2022, more than 14,000 students from all over Finland participated in Appro, and the afterparties were celebrated at Messukeskus and two city center bars.

    In the pub crawl of Hämeenkadun Appro partipants go around predetermined bars and restaurants around Tampere’s city center and collect stamps in their crawl passes. After collecting the required amount of marks, the participant achieves an equivalent degree.

  • Essi Sarvilinna

    Project Manager A

    045 1335975

    Job description

    Project manager A’s main responsibility for the year of the board is organizing Särkän Märkä. Särkän Märkä represents Boomi’s younger interdisciplinary events sector, and in just a few years it has grown into the largest student event of the entire spring in Tampere, and on a national level, among the most popular student events in Finland. The project manager is assisted in organizing Särkän Märkä by Boom’s project team, which he leads during the year together with another project manager. In the fall of the board year, project manager A also helps project manager 1 and the project team in the arrangements for Hämeenkadu Appro. Project manager A’s second main responsibility is to organize a big interdisciplinary sports event SporttiAppro in the fall.