Mental health & Support students

Mental health

Boomi has Support students who you can contact on any issue, whether it’s studying, adjusting to a new city, coping, daily routines, exercise, eating or anything related to your well-being. If you have something – anything – on your mind, you can talk to a Support student in complete confidence, either face to face or even via WhatsApp or Telegram. Support students volunteer their time just for you. When you contact them, remember to tell them in the first message, that you would like their help. If something is bothering you or you feel powerless, talk about it and don’t be alone with your challenges.

Support students:

  • Maria Hytönen


  • Maria Lindberg


    Job description

    Hiya! My name is Maria and I’m a fourth-year insurance and risk management major. Right now my life consists mostly of balancing out my studies, work and everything Boomi. When I have free time, I spend it reading a good book, singing or somewhere far away from Finland. One of my goals this year is to read 50 books so I’m always ready to hear book tips or give some myself. I love to spend time surrounded by people and am extremely chatty, so if you need company for the school cafeteria or someone to study with, you can always send a message.

  • Eelis Luomala


    Job description

    Hi! I’m Eelis, a third year student at Boomi majoring in tax law. In my free time, I like to follow sports and I also do a lot of sports myself. I also enjoy good music, food and movies. I am always ready to help and discuss about anything, so you can be in touch with me with very low threshold!

  • Jessica Rubinstein

    045 8947411

    Job description

    Hey! I’m Jessica, a first-year-boomari 🙂 I spend quite some time with Boomi-stuff and attending events, so we will be most likely to meet. During my free-time I enjoy live music, arts and crafts as well as time spent with friends. I am always open to meeting new people and you are very welcome to talk with me about anything between worries and big life updates!

  • Pekka Myllynen


    Job description

    Hello! My name is Pekka. Nickname Peksi. I am 22-years old first year student from Turku. I like traveling abroad, winter swimming and different sports. Specially very passionate football follower. I like to talk and get to know new people. You can always approach me when ever you see me. You can come to talk or text me about everything by low threshold.

  • Alisa Korko

    044 3434053

    Job description

    Hi! My name is Alisa and I’m studying my first year. I am from Rovaniemi (santa claus city, you know). On my freetime you can most often find me spending time with my foolish labrador, doing sports, or going to boomi’s events. Come say hi if you ever see me around!