smurf weeks

Let’s go Smurfs!?!!

Boomi ry welcomes all new Tampere University business students – more commonly known as Smurfs to Smurf Weeks! Now is the time to mark your calendars for 18 August – 6 September, as these three weeks will be packed full of great activities almost every day. Get ready to clear your calendar and jump into the adventure of a lifetime!

During Smurf Weeks, you’ll get to explore the amazing city of Tampere, experience unforgettable student life highlights and make lifelong friends. In addition to getting to know the campus, you’ll get to explore things such as sitsit and sillis, and test your own student spirit with playful competitions! 

During these weeks, you’re sure to get to know university studies and student life, while also getting to know your subject organisation Boomi,  the University of Tampere and other like-minded new students.

The last few days of the summer holidays should be used to recharge your batteries, as the Smurf Weeks will be full of new friends and unforgettable moments. These weeks are not just the start of a new academic year, they are the start of an adventure full of laughter and new experiences. And after Smurf Weeks, you’re sure to know what it means to be tired but happy. Welcome, you won’t want to miss this one!

Below you will find the daily schedule of Smurf Weeks. Please note that the schedule only includes events organised by Boomi, and you can get information about the orientation studies organised by the university from the university ( (unfortunately available only in Finnish). However, you don’t have to stay alone if you have any questions, as your tutors and the board of Boomi will advise you on everything even before the Smurf Weeks start, so feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

Boomi’s Event Manager Alex Lindh

Boomi’s Tutor Organizer Milla Jylhänkallio


More information about the events is published on August 5th.

first meeting

Sunday 18.8.

introduction to BOOMI RY and fairly as a smurf – equality training

Monday 19.8.

BOomsport’s sports day

Tuesday 20.8. 

tour of the campus

Wednesday 21.8.

the first party

Thursday 22.8.

brunch at bola

Friday 23.8. 

masters’ event

Saturday 24.8.

overall sales training + smurf olympics

Monday 26.8.

city orienteering ft. staabi ry

Tuesday 27.8. 

bus tour

Wednesday 28.8.

smurf picnic

Thursday 29.8.

introduction of our officials

Friday 30.8. 

masters’ event

Saturday 31.8.

first excursion

Monday 2.9.

training sitsit

Tuesday 3.9. 

groups’ own programme

Wednesday 4.9.

smurf race + haalaribileet

Thursday 5.9.

smurf sillis

Friday 6.9.