Sports & Wellbeing

The mission of Boomi’s sports department is to offer a wide range of different sports opportunities throughout the year in our subject organization. The sports department Boomsport organizes various events focused on exercise and well-being, which provide a counterweight to studies and parties.

In Boomi, it is possible to do many things. During the weekly sports shifts, boomarit get to play volleyball, floorball and futsal in joint shifts between Boomi and the MAB faculty. Participating in the shifts requires the payment of Sportun’s exercise fee or, alternatively, a one-time fee of €6. Boomi has a futsal team that plays in the university’s futsal series from late fall to early spring, in addition to the sports. Members have the opportunity to borrow badminton rackets and balls from the sports center Atalpa for free. In order to add even more variety to the sports repertoire, Boomsport organizes monthly sports trials at various sports venues, where you can try new hobbies and sports.

In addition to the weekly shifts, Boomsport organizes various events and adventures throughout the year, among which squatting, football and baseball games, a badminton tournament and an autumn hike have become established annual activities. In addition, during the past year, the members of the team have organized the Champions League and World Cup hockey tournament stands according to the wishes of the members, as well as various low-threshold sports groups for joint running and walking runs and sauna evenings.

Eventis in the exercise sector are notified in Boomi’s weekly newsletter, Facebook member group and Boomsport’s Instagram account @boomsportofficial. Instructions on borrowing equipment and joining different exercise groups can also be found in the member group and on the social media channels of Boomsport. Requests and suggestions for sports trials, the content of the regular shifts and generally for exercise and well-being matters and events are welcome, so feel free to contact us if you have any questions or development ideas regarding Boomi’s exercise opportunities!

Contact via e-mail to the address:

On Instagram: @boomsportofficial

On Mondays 16-17.30 volleyball shift

Wednesdays 16-17 floorball shift

Thursdays 15-16 futsal shifts

Information about possible shift cancellations, etc. will be given in the Whatsapp groups of the sport shifts, which you can join via a post found in the Facebook member group.


BoomSki is Boomi’s skiing club, founded in 2021. BoomSki was founded to serve members interested in skiing and après ski, regardless of skiing equipment or style. The highlight of the club’s year is the alpine trip organized in winter. The first alpine trip was organized in January 2022 to Bad Gastein, Austria. Other smaller events are organized throughout the year. We are also constantly developing cooperation with clubs from other subject associations.

BoomSki is one of Boomi’s newest players, so the operation is constantly developing. We gladly accept new ideas, event concepts and development proposals. Follow us on Instagram @boomskiclub to keep up with the latest developments!

boomi golf club

Boomin Golfseura is Boomi’s hobby club, founded in autumn 2017. We organize various low-threshold events, such as golf practice, green card courses and various relaxed mental competitions, such as scrambles and mestizos. Boomin Golf Club’s goal is to inspire new boomers to join the sport and to activate those who have already completed their green card and those who have been playing golf for a longer time to continue playing the sport even during their studies.

Boomi Golf Club is a low-threshold golf community, and we welcome all boomers to join our activities!