Boomi’s safer space policy

At Boomi we want to provide a safe community, one which has a place for every boomari. The policy of “safer space” is to create principles that make people feel themselves safe and to take responsibility for unpleasant situations. The word “safer” refers to the idea that it may not be possible to create a completely safe space, even if that is the goal. It is the people who make the space, so it is important that everyone adheres to these principles. These principles are designed to make every Boomari feel as comfortable, welcome, and safe as possible. Anyone who is willing to commit to the following principles is welcome at Boomi:

1.  We are open-minded and value our differences
We are open-minded and respectful of diversity and welcome every member as themselves. We face others with an open mind and as equals. We give space to others to be their own and best versions of themselves. We are open to others’ differences and different views. We respect and value diversity. We do not question, or judge people based on it.

2.  We acknowledge our prejudices and we do not make unnecessary generalisations or assumptions about others
We recognise our own privileges and prejudices. Privilege refers to the advantages that certain social groups have that protect them from discrimination in certain situations. We are critical of our prejudices, and we attempt to face other people without making unnecessary assumptions about them or their qualities.

3.  We respect our own and others’ boundaries
We respect everyone’s personal physical and mental state and their right to self-determination. We value others personal and individual limits and respect them. We cannot know the boundaries of others without asking. We should not generalise our own ideas about acceptable touching or alcohol consumption, for example. We do not pressure others and we give people the opportunity to say no, without having to justify it. The safest approach is always to ask, listen and respect.

4.  We are inclusive and considerate of others in our speech and actions
With our actions we ensure that every boomari can feel a part of our community. We make sure that everyone is heard and included. We accept that not everyone wants to have the same voice or presence and that there are many ways to get involved. However, we don’t crowd out the opinions of others and we give them a voice. We use language that is understandable outside of our frame of reference. For example, we explain difficult terms and we also take in to account the opportunity for foreign students to participate in the discussion. We deal with sensitive topics in a respectful and sensitive way. We do not use offensive, insulting or degrading language, words, or gestures.

5.  We look after each other
We look after our own and each other’s well-being to the best of our capability. We also help others when necessary. For example, if we see someone in poor shape, we do not leave them alone. We look after them or ensure that someone else does. Even a small gesture can make a big difference, such as a glass of water.

6.  We intervene in inappropriate behaviour
If we notice someone behaving inappropriately or otherwise violating the principles of a safer space, we intervene in the situation by calmly addressing the situation in way that is respectful to all parties. Intervening is everyone’s responsibility. However, we will only intervene if we feel safe to do so. We will not be reduced to bystanders – if we face harassment or discrimination, we take the matter to the appropriate channels and we do not hesitate to ask for help or support. Harassment contact persons, the events designated support staff and organizers along with the board of Boomi are there to support in every situation. A person guilty of harassment may be removed from the venue if necessary. Boomi’s harassment contact persons can be contacted at any point after the incident and they are there to discuss your experiences with confidentiality. The contact information of harassment contact persons can be found on Boomi’s website.

7.  We do not harass or treat others inappropriately
We do not harass or treat anyone inappropriately with our words, behaviour, or actions. We will not tolerate discriminatory, derogatory, or hostile behaviour in any way. If someone ask to stop inappropriate behaviour, it must be stopped immediately.

8.  We apologize and accept feedback
If we offend someone or make a mistake, we will apologize. We will take this into account in the future and correct our behaviour if necessary. We also aim to forgive others if they have unintentionally offended us. If someone gives us feedback about our behaviour, we listen to them and deal with it in an open and constructive way. It’s okay if we sometimes make a mistake– it is human to make mistakes. We have the courage to ask, discuss, improve, and learn if we are not sure about something.